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COVID-19 Update - Swimming Lesson Re-enrolment

By Melbourn Sports Centre, Mar 31 2020 04:31PM

This is to confirm that we have now finished our lesson re-enrolment process. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to contact you all personally due to staff shortage, but we have now confirmed to the parents of all children moving group, days or times what those projected lesson details will hopefully be. If you haven’t had a call from us, this is because your child is remaining on the same lesson time and schedule as last term.

As you can imagine, the process has been a very difficult one, but we have done our best to allocate pupils whom we felt were required or ready to move into new groups (based on teacher recommendations and the assessments that we could undertake). We have also tried our best, as always, to allocate spaces in line with parents’ lesson preference forms.

Please note - payment will not be required at this stage. We will be back in touch to confirm and take payment as appropriate.

We hope it will not be too much longer before we can get your children (and the adults!) swimming again. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy. We’re all in this together, and we look forward to welcoming you back through our doors.

With all our best wishes,

The Melbourn Sports Centre Team

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